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  • Monroe Horn

News from Zoomtopia

Zoomtopia, Zoom’s annual user conference, began online today and the keynote had a whole host of announcements about new features, services, and products.

On the feature side, Zoom, previewed new end to end encryption that will be coming soon to their platform. According to Zoom:

“This optional feature will be generally available in technical preview to free and paid Zoom users next week. It can be enabled at the account, group, and user level, and, depending on how the account admin sets up the feature, can be toggled on and off by the host on a by-meeting basis. When enabled, Zoom’s E2EE ensures that communication between meeting participants using Zoom applications is encrypted using cryptographic keys known only to the devices of those participants. With E2EE, no third party – including Zoom – is provided with access to the meeting’s private keys.”

Beyond enhanced encryption, Zoom also unveiled plans to for Immersive Scenes (similar to Teams), enhanced whiteboarding, and video waiting rooms so that hosts can see guests before admitting them to a meeting.

Three other key announcements were a Zoom for Home program, an extension of their existing SDKs, and a hardware certification for home setups–oh, and they are also launching their own video application to aggregate Zoom videos.

Watch all of Zoomtopia here.


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