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What We Offer

Fractional CIO Services

Hiring someone with over twenty years of experience in professional services information leadership is expensive. We can provide strategic  guidance, budgeting, project management, and operational analysis on a  fractional basis. Hire us to provide the CIO  expertise you need. Learn more...

Financial System Consulting

We use our twenty years of experience to assist firms in implementing and optimizing their law firm financial management system. We are Aderant experts and currently work with firms as an internal project manager and independent consultant specializing in financial reporting and dashboarding.


Protecting your data is critical. We can evaluate and improve your entire information and data security posture. At TransformITy, everything we do around security revolves around protecting organizations from Castle to Cottage to Carriage.

Learn more here.

Cloud Conversion and Optimization

The cloud is the greatest equalizer in IT since the development of the PC. We can help you get to the cloud and make the most of it.

Whether you are looking to improve your relationships with customers to drive new revenue, allow for online payment of invoices, create documents automatically and send them out for digital signatures, or optimize voice and video conferencing, we can help.

We know the tools and, more importantly, we know how to implement them so that they have the maximum positive effect on your business.

Process Optimization and Automation

Do you have business processes for which you cannot bill? Are your administrative processes as efficient as you would like them to be?

Moving to the cloud gives small organizations access to the same types of tools used by large firms to automate workflows. We have years of experience understanding and redesigning processes. Let us help you document and automate those processes to save time and money.

Document and Practice Management

Let us help you select and implement a document or practice management  solution for your organization. We know the landscape and can help you  decide whether you need best of breed document management or an  integrated practice management solution. We can then help you implement  that software to get the most out of it.

Startup Packages

If you are just starting out, TransformITy can provide everything you  need to get up and running for a reasonable fixed fee. This includes  registering your domain name, getting you setup in Microsoft 365, phone  service, web conferencing plans, and more. We can even get you started  with a website.

Other Offerings

In addition, we can assist you with:

  • Contact Management and CRM Implementation and Training

  • Automated Document Assembly

  • E-Signatures

  • Online/Credit Card Payments

  • Unified Communications (Zoom, Teams, Slack, etc.)

  • Technology Assessments

  • Remote Access

  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

  • Cybersecurity and Compliance with CMR-17 and GDPR

  • Office Audio-Visual Needs

  • Licensing Reviews and Optimization (Microsoft 365, Azure, AWS, Adobe, etc.)

  • Technology Training

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