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TransformITy was founded on the principle that the growth of cloud technologies provides smaller organizations with access to the types of tools previously reserved for much larger ones.

We offer fractional CIO subscriptions, as well as project-based initiatives that help firms maximize the value of tools they already own and implement new technologies to meet business goals.

Monroe (Monty) Horn

TransformITy is led by Monroe (Monty) Horn, a law firm technologist with over twenty years of experience. Monty is a technology innovator who has spent his career selecting and building technology solutions that allow small organizations to compete successfully with places ten to fifty times their size.


In addition to holding leadership positions in the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), he has published numerous articles and been a featured speaker on legal technology in both the United States and Europe.

As a law firm CTO, Monty has lead security initiatives, managed IT operations and user support, built an eDiscovery practice, and architected custom practice management software.

In addition, he has extensive experience implementing and managing financial applications, including financial reporting, dashboarding, and building matter-centric portals. He has also designed and managed legal marketing solutions using multiple Client Relationship Management (CRM) applications.

Firms led by Monty have been acknowledged leaders in the areas of workflow automation, custom application development, master data management, and the paperless office. His Docketing Workflow System has been featured at national conferences and the AIPLA annual meeting. Other applications he developed have been patented (US 8719238 B2) and licensed by both software vendors and other law firms.


Monty earned his BA and MA from Harvard University and was a teacher and author of American history before entering the field of information technology. He remains an avid historian and currently studies the history of technology and the rise of the Internet.

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