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  • Monroe Horn

I Have 85 Freakin' "Work" Passwords!

Passwords are like roaches. You start with a few and then, before you know it, they are everywhere.

I just counted, and I have eighty-five--85!--passwords for various sites and services associated with TransformITy. Now this may be above the average, but everyone out there faces the same issues I do managing their many office passwords.

Password proliferation encourages bad password management. Sure, it's easy to create one complex password, but every additional password encourages bad habits like duplicate passwords or "password" passwords.

That's why a password manager is increasingly becoming a critical application for businesses. It's no longer just a few people who need it.

Everyone does.

Every employee in the organization should have their own password vault and, also, have access to common passwords they need to do their job. This both encourages good password hygiene and makes it easy for companies to manage passwords when employees join and leave and organization.

In my opinion, the best enterprise password management system available right now is LastPass. LastPass is reasonably priced (it starts at $4 per-month) and tremendously full-featured. It provides individual "vaults" for each user as well as the ability to share and control access to folders where common passwords can be stored.

Even the least expensive LastPass plan offers multi-factor authentication and a bevy of other administrative features that can be configured by administrators. In fact, if LastPass has a weakness it's that there are so many options that effective management is difficult. Managing all of a firm's users is difficult enough, without having to figure out if you should setup "MFA geofencing." This makes it difficult for smaller organizations to think about implementing it.

TransformITy can completely setup and manage your LastPass environment for you. We can configure the system, add your users, and even provide LastPass training.

If you would like all of benefits of LastPass without the administrative hassles, contact TransformITy.

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