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Using Nimble to Grow Your Professional Service Business

I recently had the opportunity to co-host a webinar with Nimble CRM’s Michaela Underdahl. In this webinar we discuss how to increase efficiency and drive higher profitability by using Nimble as your CRM (listen here).

Most of us in professional services who need a CRM are not salespeople. We are managing our own businesses, working as professionals, and trying to grow our businesses. It is sales, but without the salespeople.

One great thing about Nimble can be simple or very complex. Most importantly, however, Nimble is designed to do what professionals need to do: Manage their relationships.

It is easy to maintain a contact list in Outlook, or even Excel, but, how do you manage what comes next for a contact, a lead, or a prospect? That’s the most important thing a professional needs in a CRM.You need to know what to do next. Are you tagging? Are you grouping? What are you doing with the contacts you are adding?

Nimble can also track your activities related to contacts, one of the most time-consuming tasks in CRM. Nimble makes it easy and automatic!

Nimble can also send you reminders to keep clients and potential clients top-of-mind, share your contacts and information with your team, and integrate your data with other marketing systems.

This webinar will show you all the capabilities Nimble has for making professionals efficient and productive. You can listen to it here.

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