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With over twenty years of experience in technology leadership, TransformITy can be your trusted technology advisor.

The cloud revolution means that small and medium-sized companies can now afford tools that, just a few years ago, were only available to large companies with expensive in-house IT teams. We can help you deploy technology that helps you compete with companies ten times your size for a fraction of their costs.

Here are some of the things we offer small and medium businesses:
  • vCIO Subscriptions—Hiring someone with over twenty years of experience in IT leadership is expensive. We can provide strategic guidance, budgeting, project management, and operational analysis on a fractional basis. Hire us to provide the CIO expertise you need. Learn more...

  • Security Services—Make sure your confidential data is secure and that you are in compliance with privacy laws like CMR-17 and GDPR

  • Cloud Transformation and IT Managed Services—Move your servers and applications to the cloud, get 24X7X365 help desk services for a fixed monthly fee, and let us manage it all

  • Remote Access—Work and make money securely from anywhere at any time

  • Technology Assessments—What are other companies like yours doing? Where do you stand now? Where do you want to go?

  • Process Automation—Do you spend time on repetitive internal or customer-facing tasks? Automate those processes to save time and money

  • CRM/Sales Automation—Do you want to take your marketing and sales processes to a whole new level? We can help you implement a client relationship system (CRM) that will automate the process of turning prospects into paying customers

  • Paperless Office—Eliminate paper files and have everything you need to work anywhere at any time

  • Document Assembly—Quickly and automatically produce documents and send them out for digital signatures

  • Digital Payments—Get paid faster by giving customers multiple options for digital payments.

  • Unified Communications—Replace your traditional phone system with a cloud system that includes video and web conferencing. Eliminate separate phone bills, save money, and make it easier for everyone to work remotely

  • Licensing Review and Optimization—Review and optimize your Microsoft and third party licensing. Save money and let us handle the complexity

  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning—Build a complete disaster recovery/business continuity plan to make sure your data is safe and your systems are always available

  • Technology Training—Let us build innovative training to ensure that you are getting the most out of your technology investment

  • Audio/Visual—How do you look on Zoom? Digital conference rooms don’t have to cost a fortune. Let us configure and install cutting-edge audio visual solutions that are reasonably priced

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